Clematis Healing Energy

Clematis Healing Energy

~ Clematis Flower Benefits ~

A showy white sea of dream-like blossoms with a sweet lemon-orange scent waft up to greet me; asking me to pause and focus on the here and now.  Offering support for those who have lively imaginations and dwell in creative idealism; for those who find it difficult to stay present, focused and grounded, preferring fantasy worlds over reality. Spreading a profusion of angelic petals far and wide, reaching into ethereal dreams and bringing one back down to earth; this is the essence of Clematis.

One of the very first flower essences Dr. Bach developed and one of the five flowers in Rescue Remedy formula, often used in emergencies, when one experiences shock or the after effects of trauma.  The benefit is that of being able to re-connect with body, mind and spirit.  Profound and subtle, this flower imparts an unwavering presence and ability to return to a steady, grounded state.

In late summer and early fall full-bloom, the vines journey through the garden, weaving into rose bushes and succulents, earning the nickname Traveler’s Joy.  Soon, as the days become shorter, the big fluffy seed pods will hang on a bit longer and masquerade as Old Man’s Beard and remind us of the beauty of the ever-changing scene of life.

~ Dina

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2017 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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