Saguaro Healing Energy

Saguaro Healing Energy

~ Saguaro Healing Energy:  Ancient Wisdom ~

I find myself amid the stillness of the desert. Ancient giants guide me into the landscape, where I’m both lost and found. The soulful silence takes me back to a time when plants and animals ruled this place. Before any human eye ever witnessed this magical forest, Saguaro thrived. I watch as hummingbirds dip in and out, the tiny warriors of the desert co-existing with the mighty cactus, a graceful rhythm that fills my heart.

Each elusive white flower only blooms for one day. Although the buds are still forming, I can feel the potent energy that is held in these 200 year old trees. For those who are disconnected from the voice of the elders, for those unable to hear the wisdom of generations who have lived and died before us, Saguaro offers its stories. It cries the tears of our ancestors and rises up, teaching us the strength and survival of humanity.

I hike over the dusty rocks and enter deeply into the world of these beings. I stand beside towering life and feel myself held in enormous arms of great grand mothers and fathers. I accept that I am a part of this venerable lineage. I come upon blackened bodies of fallen Saguaro lying on the desert floor, their bones revealed and I pause. I understand this display of decay as inevitable rebirth and renewal; the higher teachings of the sacred spirits of those who will never be gone and whose truths continue on.

After a week long journey with Saguaro, I was driving out of the Sonoran Desert canyon and one single white bloom caught my eye. The elusive flower was sitting majestically atop a 15 foot cactus and was the only one for miles around. 

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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